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Macy + Blake | Bear Lake Proposal | Wedding and Family Photographer

Wow. Wow. Wow. If I write nothing else in this post.. that should about cover it! I am sitting here in awe about everything. Macy and Blake are the absolute SWEETEST couple. They were on a vacation with their family in Bear Lake, Idaho and on a beautiful Wednesday summer night, as the sun was setting- Blake brought Macy to the beach got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife!!

Obviously she said YES! The way they looked at each other was adorable, her ring was jaw-dropping beautiful, the sunset over the lake- stunning, the excitement- palpable, the photographer and videographer- incredible! ( oh wait, did I just say that?.. ;) ) but over all that- you can see they have a love that is going to last a lifetime!

Macy + Blake! We can't wait to celebrate your MARRIAGE IN HAWAII IN NOVEMBER! Counting down the days!

Scroll down for two reasons.. to have your heart melt with their sweet proposal.. and then continue scrolling for the most gorgeous engagement gallery! :)


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