Hi, I'm Sarah! I am the photographer of our duo.. I love oldies music, dancing, classic love stories...(like Pride and Prejudice..sorry not sorry, Colton!) I love joking around with people, DIY projects, being spuratic and trying new things!

This party started about a year after we were married, Sarah was working at the hospital and going to school at Weber State to study Radiology, at the same time being mentored by a photographer friend.. Long story short- She loves taking pictures, but of happy people, rather than broken bones!


Fast Forward- Colton was getting a degree in Multi-Media Sports Journalism... which included everything from writing, music, audio, video, post production, and all that jazz.

Hey, I'm Colton! The videographer of this duo.. I love sports, the outdoors, working hard to play hard, and enjoying my nightly ritual of eating a bowl of cold cereal!

Then one day, Colton tagged along to capture a little bit of video for a wedding that Sarah was shooting.. and BAM! The rest is history..

Now here we are.. and here you are.. so let's get rolling!