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Huntsville, Utah Wedding Ceremony

Valentines Day is pretty fun, to dress up and go on a date, or give gifts or flowers... but none of that compares to GETTING MARRIED! Lindsay and Justin chose to get married on 02-22-2020. Brilliant. Coolest anniversary date- and one that will be hard to forget!

Surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Ogden Valley, their sweet ceremony was performed at the old "Huntsville Mercantile" in Huntsville Utah in Lindsays old stomping ground. The flowers were created by Ogden Valley's own "Emiejames" and the day was flawless.

Fun Fact: Justin MADE that incredible arbor that they get married in front of, and their formals are taken at the local outdoor ICE RINK. Talk about unique, they are the coolest!

Lindsay and Justin are a perfect match, and you can see how much they love each other just by how they look at each other.

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