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My love for the grooms family goes WAY back to when I served a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Seattle, Washington. That's where I met the Baker family, and knew that we'd be friends forever!

It's crazy how time flies, and I was SO excited when Theron's mom reached out saying that Theron was getting married and wanted us to be the ones to capture is! HECK YES was our immediate answer!!

After talking with Tolu on the phone a few times, it was easy to see why he fell in love with her. What a gem! Tolu and Theron are the sweetest couple, and I am so excited to show off this sneak preview of their wedding day!

They are basically celebrities in our little circle of followers.. so don't worry, their FULL WEDDING DAY Blog post is on the horizon!

Theron and Tolu.. We love you! Congratulations!

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