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Braelin + Victor | Utah Summer Wedding

Braelin + Victor got married this last Saturday at the beautiful River Bridge Event Center in Spanish Fork, Utah. With all their family and friends, it was BEAUTIFUL, memorable and an all around PAR-TAY!

They had some things at their wedding that I have never seen done before! I'll get there.. don't worry about that. Let's start at the beginning though.

Braelin was a stunning bride. Her hair, was literally princess worthy. Her dress was stunning, her bouquet- she made herself! (impressive!) and her shoes.. Cinderella only cooler! Victor wasn't too shabby himself! Dressed in a handsome blue suit- this couple was ready to tie the knot!

Now let me list some of the amazing things! Their little boy was the "Ring Security" and their little girl was the Flower girl. They had a painter, painting their first kiss on the spot. Braelin's dad sang while they danced their first dance.. which had sparks flying in the air AND smoke blowing around them. Their cake might have been the best cake I've ever tasted.. and the dance moves were the top!

We are so excited for these two, and can't wait to show you the video so you can live this special day with them as well! Congratulations Braelin and Victor!

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