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McKenna + Bret | Oquirrh Mountain Temple Wedding | Spring Wedding

Wow wow wow! There are no words. This wedding day for McKenna + Bret was an absolute dream! Colton and I showed up to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple early to make sure we had time to film the location details, and had plenty of time before they exit their sealing. The spring time blossoms were just beginning to come through, not in full bloom yet- but peeking out giving us a look every once and a while, the green of the trees, the layout of the temple grounds, the family and friends, you could tell by the general ambience around everyone that it was a very good day!

McKenna had chosen the most beautiful bouquet, with an added blue boost in the bouquet for her " Something Blue" on her wedding day. The Oquirrh Mountain Temple has stairs that are facing the East Mountains which for a wedding at 11 in the morning, is not the best spot for pictures so we were planning to go to the north side of the temple.. BUT we had the most beautiful cloud cover right as they exited the temple! The light was GORGEOUS! We were able to get the entire group as WELL as their bridals all with the full temple in view.

Well, the party never ceased. Their reception was located in the heart of Ogden Valley, in a beautifully restored vintage Candy Shop called the "Huntsville Mercantile". They served donuts and lemonade, while they got ready to dance the night away. WHICH THEY DID! The floor of the venue was literally shaking because of the amount of people up and moving. It was impressive. I noticed their two cute grandma's were not on the dance floor though so I went and talked to them for a minute.. I said, "I think you better get out there and show these people how to really dance!" haha and without even blinking an eye she looked at me and said " As soon as they play me a jitterbug, I'll dance." Haha! I love that.

Overall it was the perfect day, and the celebration worth waiting for. Congratulations McKenna and Bret. We wish you the happiest life, and can't wait to see what it brings you!

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