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Ogden Utah Summer Wedding

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Well, you may have seen these pictures on our blog before.. but when we switched our website.. it wouldn't convert! So let it suffice to say, this summer wedding was beautiful. We love the ogden temple, and the scenery it provides!

So happy for these two love birds!


When it comes to not thinking about the details.. I can safely say I was definitely one of them when it came to my wedding. Don't get me wrong, my wedding was beautiful, but sometimes.. adding little sentimental things is what can set the day apart, and your pictures can explode with beauty!

For example:

  • Jewelry

  • Special flowers

  • Doing your first look with no one else, to give you a moment alone, before you are bombarded with people.. just a few examples!

This bride had a bouquet filled with personality! Created by EmieJames in Eden, Utah.. It had raspberries to remind them of Bear Lake, Pheasant Feathers, because they love hunting, and she was wearing a bracelet.. hand made by the groom.

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